Our Story

Sup fam, it's Sally & Sandy! We're the sibs who created this biz! 

Style Meets The Introvert 

Sally is behind all the creativity at Minimalome. She is a mother of 5 children of ages ranging from 22 to 9 years old. Despite keeping her busy, Sally is an artist, a cook and a food blogger. She is vibrant, full of life and color! During COVID-19, Sally started food blogging to put a smile on people’s faces! Check out her instagram page and how she creates food-art! In contrast, Sandy is literally from a whole 'nother planet! Coming from a corporate background, she’s the introvert, usually seen on the computer researching, reading and learning all about the evolving world. She is a big dreamer, constantly on the lookout for success, achievement and adding value to the lives of her family & others. 

In 2019,  Minimalome started with Sally's passion for home decor, cooking tasty and nutritious dishes for fam and pals, and cultivating a vibrant life full of art, enthusiasm and love. COVID wreaked havoc, causing mental health issues especially for women. Our vision for Minimalome had to pivot drastically. We wanted to create a safe space for all the ladies out there who are feeling alone. We wanna help them make their homes their happy places and feel like they belong. #LendAHand #HomeSweetHome ♥️

Why Minimalome?

Our name Minimalome comes from the combination of the words Minimal+Home. It talks about our mission: “Helping women with minimal effort, to create beautiful homes”. 

Our mission is to equip females of all ages and backgrounds with the skills to create living spaces that make them feel empowered and fulfilled. #girlpower 💪🏼

You can now show off how much you can accomplish with lil money, time, & effort! #goals #yougotthis 😉

A Message of Love

We want to remind you that you’re lovely and you’re enough.  And remember, self-love is not selfish. Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. It is the path to your spiritual growth and a meaningful life. We’re here to uplift you and empower you. Take care of yourself <3


Sally & Sandy