5 Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Gold

5 Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Gold

The metallics trend is a hot one that looks set to continue long into the future. We’ve seen gold accents shining on the catwalks and now we’re dressing our homes to impress with this rich glimmer. A word of warning though: You can overdo it! Getting the look just right can be a delicate balance. Too little goes unnoticed and too much becomes too loud and tasteless. This inspirational home design, visualised by the Minimalome designers team hits it just right.


 1. Start With Smaller Elements First

If you’re not sure about the exact look you’re going for, perhaps starting with the smaller gold elements first. Introducing just a few smaller pieces is helpful because you can always move them around in case you decide things look too unbalanced. Lots of decoration projects can benefit from metallic accents.

 Gold Pineapple Figuring

 With its glossy finish and bold look, this pineapple makes a chic addition. Let this pineapple welcome guests from a cheery entryway table or enjoy its unique look in a modern living room, on a large kitchen island, or in a fashionable office.

 2.Try Playing With Lighting 

The lighting is a solid example of a metallic peice which can make a room feel more elegant and whimsical. Use chandeliers, pendants or wall mounts to add a special touch. This will give your dining room, living room, den, or bedroom a more elegant feeling

Luxury Swirl LED Table Lamp

Shop this special Lavish Gold Swirl LED table lamp from our lighting collection. 

 3. Focus On The Table

Table with gold finishes

Speaking of tables, that’s actually an important piece in your home for making a gold statement. Glamorizing a table can have a great effect if you wish to create a solid interest point. Special dinners, in particular, can benefit from embellishing the look of the table with gold finishes.

From napkins to tableware and other decorative accessories like trays and gold-rimmed bowls, the table’s potential shouldn’t be overlooked if you wish to add an excellent hint of glitz. This flatware cutlery set from Minimalome comes with an elegant gold coating.


Lavish Golden Flatware Set

4. Accessorize The Room 

Making the room look sparkling and more elegant can be easily achieved with the help of the right metallic accessories. To give you some good examples, you could try textured gold vases like these. Another option is to go for gold balls placed in a decorative vase.

Luxury Gold Textured Vase Collection

It takes only a bit of imagination and inspiration to turn your basic-looking room in a more glamorous one. Some well-placed velvet throw pillows can really enhance your sofa and it makes for a pleasant contrast. 

5. Add Gold Accents In The Hallways

Hallways can definitely benefit from some glitzy elements. This is one spot that can easily get overlooked when decorating with gold finishes. Some discreet metallic details can make a subtle visual impression that creates a more inviting atmosphere when receiving guests.Try these plush abstract balloon dog figurines and other gold accent items from Minimalome’s Gold Collection.


Plush Abstract Balloon Dog Figuring


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